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United Corps – The Top Gun for the laboratory equipment

Our objectives: ------To provide professional consulting
------To provide good & stable quality
------To provide rapid & in-time service

Under this rapidly changing E-commerce era, a big scale company can no longer fulfill the customers’ real needs. Alternatively, professional; good & stable; rapid and in time are the key factors to be success. Our corporation is founded under this philosophy.

Our company united the pros from instrumentation business.
Our Sales Team: all partners have 15 to 25 year experience in instrument sales
Our Service Team: all have 10 to 15 years experience in instrument repair

Product Lines: All series of Centrifuge from Hermle, Germany
‧All Series of Centrifuge from Hermle, Germany
‧Electronic Balance and Scale from Denver, Germany
‧pH、Ion、Conductivity Meter from Denver, Germany
‧Standard Machine Elements from Ganter, Germany
‧Adjustable-Volume Pipettes from HTL, Poland
‧Digital Viscometer from Fungilab, Spain
‧Standard Weigh from Hafner, Germany
‧RO & Ultra-Pure Water Integrated System from Purite, UK
‧Polymerase Chain Reaction Machine
‧Gel Documentation and Analysis System
‧Liquid Nitrogen Container and Storage System
‧Ultra-Low Temperature and Cryogenic Freezers
‧All Types of Incubator and Oven、CO2 Incubator 

Our goal is NOT achieved based on our sales growth but based on how many customers we can help to solve their problems!

Nowadays, Medical Related and Bio Chemical Industries of Taiwan are playing their important role in the worldwide stage, we are ready to service our customers and become one of their essential partners!


B1., No18, Jhonghua Rd., Sanchong City, Taipei County 241, Taiwan
TEL:886-02-29886135 FAX:886-02-29886137   Contant Us
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